When most rug buyers think of an oriental rug, the traditional rug comes to mind. Following time honored designs, ancient color combinations (limited to natural dyes) these classic carpets are what many industrialized countries’ consumers grew up with. This prior experience works both positively and otherwise. Many buyers do not want the rug style their parents or grandparents possessed. These rug buyers are driving the contemporary, southwestern and other evolving styles to a level of real competition with traditional oriental rugs.

Walter Gaby’s Rug Resource has taken a pragmatic approach to stocking traditional oriental rugs; most are one-of-a-kind, carefully selected for beauty quality, functionality and value. Championing the refugee Afghani weavers who fled the Taliban back in the early and mid-1990’s, this showroom proudly offers unique traditional oriental rugs from this very artistic weaving population now living both in northwest Pakistan and relocating back to their homeland of Afghanistan. Some striking pieces from Iran, India and Turkey in a variety of sizes fill our classical category of traditional oriental rugs.